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Lady in the Water

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“Lady in the Water” by M. Night Shyamalan is a straight-out mythic story, a fairy tale. We may find it a little unbelievable, but if we 'believe' in the story, it can work at several different levels as a model for Christian discipleship, whether or not it was intended as such. Good movies ask good questions of the viewer. Perhaps 'Lady in the Water' asks, what part or role do you play in the larger story of the world? What inner vocation is calling out to you by the Spirit?

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Questions For Discussion

  1. What kind of story or myth is 'Lady in the Water’?

  2. What was the real purpose of the 'Story' character in the movie?

  3. The movie's characters seem more naive and less jaded than real people. Why do the characters so willingly want to help in the story of 'Story'?

  4. Does the movie remind you of any Scriptural stories?

  5. How does healing take place within the context of storytelling (in the movie, in the Christian story?)

  6. In the context of this movie, what can happen when we misunderstand our vocational purpose?

  7. Discuss how a fragile, magic tale about compassion and suffering is important in a cynical, post-9-11 world?

  8. Being receptive to this mythic story is similar to be- ing open to the Christian gospel. Discuss.

  9. What does the symbol of water mean (in the movie, in the gospel?)

  10. How important is seeing your own life as a narrative or story in the context of a larger community?

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