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The Mustang

The film a convicted violent criminal Roman Coleman and a buckskin mustang that has been brought into the prison program where some of the inmates work with the wild horses to make them suitable for adoption. The relationship does not go smoothly and it a far cry from any horse whispering movies.

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Discussion Questions

  1. What’s your favourite scene or line from The Mustang?

  2. How does Coleman resemble a ‘mustang’ within? What makes this relationship between horse and man work?

  3. Bruce Dern takes a no-nonsense, tough-love approach to mentoring. Is this what Coleman needs?

  4. Does this rehabilitation program in American prisons help you to ‘believe’ in institutional justice?

  5. How does the informal restorative justice process of Coleman and his daughter compare with the Redemption Project model (on CNN)? Which is more helpful?

  6. At root what does Coleman need liberation from? Does this yearning parallel something in your own life?

  7. How does the minimalist dialogue and pacing of the movie help or hinder the story?

  8. Imagine what is happening for x 6 months from the end of the movie

  9. What biblical story does the movie remind you of?
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