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About The West End Movie Group

The West End Movie Group started in 2008 as a way to explore questions of faith and meaning through watching films. Movies can focus you on what really matters in life, and they can get you in touch with the story you are living, or would like to live. Movies are interpretations on life, and they ask us to engage in the task of interpretation in order to mine their depths. Our house church, Watershed Community, started watching movies as a way to explore how a faith perspective interacts with other ways of making meaning.

The West End Movie Group grew out of this desire to dialogue, and is open to anyone wanting to explore meaningful movie discussions. Many of us come from a Christian perspective, but our hope is that any faith perspective, including atheism, would be welcome. We wanted to meet in a home, since that lends itself better to a relaxed discussion. Many of the members live in the west end of Winnipeg, hence the name.

To read more about our approach to movie discussion check out Towards A Theology Of Watching Movies.

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