Stories of our Lives


Years after an unspeakable tragedy tore their lives apart, two sets of parents agree to talk privately in an attempt to move forward. In Fran Kranz' writing and directing debut, he thoughtfully examines their journey of grief, anger and acceptance by coming face-to-face with the ones who have been left behind.

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Discussion Questions

  1. What scene or dialogue or character struck you in this film? What comparisons can you make between the two couples?

  2. How did the film’s intensity affect you?

  3. What, if any, is the spiritual value of watching movies that disturb us?

  4. Mass’ can feel like a claustrophobic ‘stage to screen’ adaptation. What other film(s) does it remind you of?

  5. How did the church setting affect how you felt about or interpreted the film?

  6. Where was the turning point in the plot?

  7. What Scripture text or wisdom story does ’Mass’ remind you of?

  8. What does the film seem to say about the relationship among grief, anger and acceptance?

  9. What is your prediction of how each character will fare in the future?

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