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Not the movie you think it is. Director Darren Aronofsky tries not only to explore what the story of the flood might mean in the present age of environmental anxiety and apocalyptic religion, but also, more radically, to imagine what it might have felt like to live in a newly created, already-ruined world, and to scan the skies for clues about what its creator might be thinking..

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Questions For Discussion

  1. What kind of god image does Noah have in the movie? How does it effect his perception?

  2. The movie may be a cautionary tale about religious fanaticism, a few steps beyond “listening to God”. What checks and balances were in place to curb this danger?

  3. What are the problems of a literal understanding of the biblical text behind the movie? What is helpful about a literal interpretation?

  4. How is this movie a creative reinterpretation of the biblical story for today? Is it successful in your opinion?

  5. Have you ever felt a desire to be fanatical about something? What saved you?

  6. What pivotal role does Noah’s grandfather Methuselah play in the movie?

  7. What do you think ’Noah’, if anything, is saying about today's mood of environmental anxiety?

  8. Darren Aronosky traces the same plot that Genesis tells. Is he telling the same story?
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