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Pieces of April

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“Once there was this one day where everybody seemed to know they couldn’t do it alone.”
Trying to make amends for her past as the ultimate problem child, April Burns (Katie Holmes) has offered to host an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner for her suburban clan in her grubby Lower East Side apartment. But her attempts to create an unforgettable feast go awry when her oven breaks down. Now, as her weary family makes its way to the city, April must relay on the kindness of strangers to pull of the perfect meal and the perfect memory (from official movie site, link below).

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Questions For Discussion

About The Movie

  1. How does the hand-held camera effect contribute or detract from the story?

  2. How does the interaction of the characters work with or against the plot? Do any characters strike you strongly, either positively or negatively?

  3. What significance do you find in the movies use of mirrors, doors and ovens? Are there other symbols you noticed?

  4. Are there any memorable quotes?

    About The Themes

  5. Reflect how the movie elaborates the title.

  6. One Christian theme evoked by Pieces of April is the Kingdom of God, where all are invited, regardless of merit or class, and abundance comes from God’s creative union of justice and mercy. What other perspectives, from other faiths or philosophies can be detected? What scripture or formative texts comes to mind?

  7. In an age of land claim settlements and increasing xenophobia, what is the true significance of the Thanksgiving celebration? Is there a right way to tell this story?

    About Our Lives

  8. Did you find yourself identifying more with April or with Joy? Do you think the ending is plausible?

  9. Compare April's relationship to Joy with Joy's relationship to her own mother. What do the similarities and differences suggest to you?

  10. In what ways does the movie prompt you to think differently about family, or community, forgiveness or reconciliation?
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